Nourishing Performance Through Perimenopause and Beyond – Part 3

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With the decline of estrogen overall during perimenopause, we also have reduced anabolic stimulus for building lean muscle mass and bone density. So along with increase visceral fat deposition there is less hormonal drive to build and maintain lean muscle mass. But luckily, we already know that we have strength training methods and strategies to help with building and maintaining lean muscle mass and bone density. To set ourselves up well for the decline in our hormones and to have a plan to support our bodies once those hormones flatline, we need to look at how to use nutrition and nutrition timing in conjunction with strength training.

Do Runners Need Probiotics?

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Probiotics are all the rage right now. I see their popularity continue to grow daily as articles and studies hot off the press praise this latest miracle supplement on the market. Recently, a 2012 study looked at probiotics and athletes and concluded that probiotics offer promising benefits. Is it true? Could you, as a runner, benefit from probiotics? Let’s take a look at …