The Gut Biome and Sport Performance

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We know that how you train and nourish your body plays a huge part in how well you adapt and ultimately perform. But did you know that those factors also affect your gut microbiome, and why should we worry about that? Well, your gut microbiome influences sleep, mood, body composition, absorption of nutrients, inflammation, our immune system and so much more. You work really hard during training and want to make advantageous adaptions to improve sport performance, and supporting your microbiome is an integral part of that.

Fighting Rapids: My Journey Through a Running Injury

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I contemplated quite a bit about how to begin this blog post. Speaking about injuries can be a sensitive subject for many runners, myself included. So, I decided to set for a long run a few weekends ago, and let my thoughts come to me organically. I was running along a beautiful river, here in Colorado, and noticed the movement …

Nourishing Performance Through Perimenopause and Beyond – Part 3

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With the decline of estrogen overall during perimenopause, we also have reduced anabolic stimulus for building lean muscle mass and bone density. So along with increase visceral fat deposition there is less hormonal drive to build and maintain lean muscle mass. But luckily, we already know that we have strength training methods and strategies to help with building and maintaining lean muscle mass and bone density. To set ourselves up well for the decline in our hormones and to have a plan to support our bodies once those hormones flatline, we need to look at how to use nutrition and nutrition timing in conjunction with strength training.

Why Runners Need ACES

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If your first question is “What the heck are ACES???”… Let me just say, good question! No, I’m not referring to the ace of spades, commonly seen as the highest card in a deck of playing cards. ACES is a cute acronym to remember the top antioxidant nutrients required for a strong and healthy immune system: vitamin’s A, C and E …

Top 10 Ways to Use Chia Seeds

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Yay chia seeds!! Yes, if you know me even just a little bit by now, you know how much I love chia seeds. In that case it’ll be no surprise to you that my second video is starring chia seeds 🙂 Have you ever wondered how I use chia seeds? Wonder no more! Today I’m going to share with you …

5 Tips to a Faster Recovery

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Let’s say you’ve just finished your long run and you’re feeling a bit drained. Understandably so! Long or hard runs use up our fuel and break our bodies down, a requirement in order that they can be built back up stronger. Faster. But right now you’re wondering how you’re going to have enough energy to accomplish the remainder of your …

Your Post-Run Nutrition Practice

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What we consume immediately following our runs plays a key role in determining how well and the speed at which our bodies recover. Proper replenishment ensures we have the glycogen stores (fuel reserves and enough energy) to successfully complete our next workout. Repairing the damaged muscle tissue is essential to improved performance and avoiding injury. And returning our bodies to …