Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Endurance Athletes

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We know that nutrition is important to our endurance sport journey, but I’ve found that for some reason it can be the last thing we really focus on. The gains from a good nutrition plan aren’t always as drastic as doing a hard run or bike where the sweat rolling off your chin makes you feel like you’re working in the right direction, towards your goals. But what I have found for myself and many of my athletes is the nutrition can make or break your training and performance more than any structured training plan.

5 Post-Race Recovery Strategies

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I ran the Vancouver BMO marathon a few weekends ago. After months and months and miles upon miles of training, race day finally rolled around. I ran my heart out for what felt like EVER and finally crossed the finish line in 3 hours, 35 minutes and 7 seconds, arms over my head in celebration (unfortunately I did not achieve my sub-3:30 goal …