Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Endurance Athletes

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We know that nutrition is important to our endurance sport journey, but I’ve found that for some reason it can be the last thing we really focus on. The gains from a good nutrition plan aren’t always as drastic as doing a hard run or bike where the sweat rolling off your chin makes you feel like you’re working in the right direction, towards your goals. But what I have found for myself and many of my athletes is the nutrition can make or break your training and performance more than any structured training plan.

Training Weight VS Racing Weight

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Our training weight (optimal healthy bodyweight) and our racing weight are two different numbers. Typically racing weight will fall on the low end of ‘Healthy Weight’ on the well-known and widely used BMI measurements chart (but certainly not always), while training weight will be up to 8% higher. This happens to be exactly the case for me – my training …

Carb-Load Correctly in 3 Easy Steps

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If you are participating in an endurance event lasting longer than 90 minutes you stand to benefit from carb-loading and thereby increase your performance by 2-3%¹. The longer the event you’re signed up for, the more important it becomes to ensure your glycogen stores are full (and therefore you are fully carb-loaded). If you’re getting ready to run a half marathon (depending …

Ambassador Snapshot: Brandon Figueroa

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Born and raised on the beautiful west coast, I’ve always been a very athletic and “sporty” person. At a very young age I feel deeply In love with running and it’s been my main focus ever since. I joined the track and field team for my school and local track club, training under former Olympian Lynn Kanuka. Track was my life and …

Why You Probably Want to be Eating More Nutrient Dense Foods

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Here on the Eat 2 Run blog I find myself talking a lot about performance nutrition. However in seminars and workshops, I often begin by presenting the basic premise we might apply to our daily food selection that will help us to build stronger, healthier bodies more resilient to injury. Because truth be told, it really is what we eat on a daily basis …

10 Foods Runners Should Avoid

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As runners, there are certain foods we can choose to eat that will help us to build stronger bodies more resilient to injury and illness. There are also foods we may be better off avoiding as they tend to cause inflammation in the body and/or inhibit the recovery process, slow the healing process and block achievement of optimal body weight …

STOP Muscle Cramping

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I’ve now worked with quite a number of clients now who came to me with one of their main goals being to not cramp so badly while racing (both half-marathoners and full marathoners). One of my runners, Tomoko, had both calves cramp up on her so badly she actually fell to the ground and had to be wheeled to the medical tent. …

Pre-Run Nutrition (plus shortcuts)

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There are so many pieces that must come together in order to have a great run (and especially a great race) – including following a run training plan that works for you, getting enough sleep and maintaining an overall healthful nutrition plan full of antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory foods. While you most likely have a training plan and know how much …