Training Your Gut for Athletic Performance

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I feel like we have all had an experience or two where you’re out there having a great ride or run and suddenly, you’re out of energy, or feeling crampy and nauseous or in a worst-case scenario looking desperately for somewhere to go the bathroom wishing you had a roll of toilet paper in your pocket.
Fear of these scenarios happening can lead us to limiting how much we eat pre-workout as well as not taking in enough nutrition during our training sessions or race. This is so unfortunate because we know we need to nourish our bodies for the workout that we are doing but even more importantly to support our recovery so we can make the adaptations we are working so hard for as well as set ourselves up well for our next workout.

How to Fuel your Run

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As a sports nutritionist who works primarily with runners, one of the most common questions I get asked is what to eat before running. You’d think by now I’d have a short, quick answer because I’ve now worked with so many runners, teach sports nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as well as workshops on the subject, continue to read …

Energy for Running

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Aside from performance goals that my clients come to me with and I hear about from runners I give talks, seminars and workshops to, the goal of increasing energy levels is nearly always on their list of desired results. A need for more energy. Sound familiar? Lacking energy in general, wishing for more energy during runs and workouts, feeling depleted mid-afternoon and skipping …

Running Carb-Depleted

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In my Eat 2 Run nutrition practice I am constantly stressing the importance eating enough carbohydrates to order to have enough energy to perform well. However, withholding carbohydrates strategically at certain times can actually benefit your performance. By practicing carb-depleted training runs, you might very well take your training and race performances to the next level. Let’s take a look at why anyone would …

Carbs Rock: 5 Carbs You Need (and 2 you don’t)

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In my practice and in general I know many people who were, or even still currently are, a bit afraid of carbohydrates. Some… A lot afraid. I totally get it. Once upon a time (8 years ago) I also harboured a severe carb phobia. I counted them incessantly to ensure I didn’t go over my daily quota (which was a gut wrenchingly small number). …