The Gut Biome and Sport Performance

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We know that how you train and nourish your body plays a huge part in how well you adapt and ultimately perform. But did you know that those factors also affect your gut microbiome, and why should we worry about that? Well, your gut microbiome influences sleep, mood, body composition, absorption of nutrients, inflammation, our immune system and so much more. You work really hard during training and want to make advantageous adaptions to improve sport performance, and supporting your microbiome is an integral part of that.

Fighting Rapids: My Journey Through a Running Injury

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I contemplated quite a bit about how to begin this blog post. Speaking about injuries can be a sensitive subject for many runners, myself included. So, I decided to set for a long run a few weekends ago, and let my thoughts come to me organically. I was running along a beautiful river, here in Colorado, and noticed the movement …

Why You Should Eat More Turmeric (and How)

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Turmeric is one of the top 5 “eat2run superfoods” in which I’ve long promoted for it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and circulatory benefits. Of the few foods I really try to ensure I include in my habits on a daily basis, turmeric spice is definitely one of them. However a few months ago I noticed I wasn’t really doing a great job of that… So …

The Latest on Tart Cherry, Vitamin D and Coffee

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When new studies are published that reinforce what I’ve been recommending for a while,  I must admit I always get excited… Especially when the roundup involves tart cherry. You and I both know there’s no one singular magic formula for recovering faster and feeling less pain post-run… But if there WAS, I swear it’d be tart cherry juice. I’ve seen it …

Lessons Learned from (my time as) an Injured Runner

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Injuries suck. I think every runner and athlete can agree with this sentiment. Whether an injury pops up mid-season, pre-season, or off-season, it can put the brakes on all the hard work you’ve put towards achieving your goals. I know because I’ve been there. But I’ve also come out the other side and am now 100% healthy and injury-free! Although …

Speed Healing and Prevent Injury

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A few weeks ago, I went out for my run only to realize after a kilometre or so that I needed to turn around and go back home. I wasn’t sick or injured. Just tired. Really, really tired. Burning the candle at both ends made me re-realize the importance of sleep. At that moment I actually wished for an injury – …

Culinary Exploration: Herbs and Spices for Endurance Athletes

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One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen into a playground is to experiment with fresh and dried herbs and spices. Don’t dismiss these flavour additions as merely for taste, they are actually powerful performance aids! Aside from performance benefits, I also advocate the use of fresh and dried spices and herbs to flavour and season meals as a …

7 Foods to Beat Seasonal Allergies

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For those of you dealing with seasonal allergies, you know that stuffy noses and watery eyes aren’t just annoying – they can also dampen your enthusiasm to get outside for a run. Additionally, allergies can often make you tired during the day, caused in part by blocked nasal passages that disrupt good sleep. If pollen and airborne mold spores trigger seasonal allergies for you …

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s a line from a Kelly Clarkson song. Which is a twist on philosopher Friedrech Nietzsche’s words, “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.” I always take questions at the end of each talk I give and a few weeks ago, received a really great one I want to share with you …

Banish Injuries for Good

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When I began eating to run, I quickly realized that injures no longer sidelined me. In fact, the one time something flared up just over a year ago, it was very much connected to the fact that for a few months I’d pretty much abandoned many of my healthful eating practices (happens to the best of us?). Other than that, …