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I present engaging information and practical advice on how to adopt transformative healthy habits with a splash of humour designed to motivate and enable participants to achieve their health and performance goals!

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45 to 60 minutes in duration. Topics include: (click to expand)

We feel better and move better when we choose food that nourishes our body. Designed for active audiences (or to inspire inactive individuals to become more active!), this presentation is designed to motivate participants to make nutritional choices that lead to optimal health, improved energy, increased productivity and enjoyable, successful physical activity.

I introduce audience members to the 3 primary strategies to help them boost energy levels and generally feel great as well as properly fuel their daily sweat session. Through humourous and insightful personal and client stories, I offer scientifically sound advice on how to build their own individualized nutrition strategy – one that is so nutritious, practical and delicious, it’ll stick long term and positively transforms every aspect of their lives. This presentation will leave participants eager to get into the kitchen to begin their transformation!

When we push beyond our limits, we are capable of achieving so much more than we can ever imagine. This presentation is designed to inspire individuals into action, whether it be to attain career goals, conquer athletic dreams, or simply finally start living life to the fullest by exchanging old patterns for excitingly productive new habits.

Through stories of my own life changing accomplishments – including finally realizing my dream of becoming a nutritionist to becoming the athlete I’d dreamed so long of to finally finding the ‘happiness’ in life I’d sought after for so long – I also summarize sage advise from others and their experience as well as what science tells us about pushing boundaries. Complete with the three steps required to successfully conquer our wildest dreams and strategies to overcome self-doubt and failure, this presentation will leave participants with the motivation and tools to push beyond self-imposed limits and achieve their own success stories.

A Sold-Out Workshop at Salomon West Vancouver

Seminars / Lunch and Learns & Workshops

Seminars/Lunch and Learns are 45 to 90 minutes in duration. Workshops can be 1 – 4 hours. Both have the option to include recipe demonstrations. Topics include: (click to expand)

This session will bring your group through how to build their own personalized meal plan with a focus on foods that boost focus and memory. We’ll go through how to build a strong foundation based on nutrient dense foods, including the top 5 foods for optimal cognitive function. I’ll also cover choosing foods for optimal body composition and to boost immunity, including the top 5 foods for building a strong, healthy body. Many meal and snack options will be revealed to ensure practical implementation of all suggestions. Option to include a segment on supplements to boost cognitive function, immunity and building a lean, strong body. Option to include 1 to 3 demos and taste testing (highly suggested), recipes included for participants.
This seminar or workshop will introduce participants to three primary strategies to help overcome fatigue and boost energy levels, overcome health complaints and feel good, as well as how to fuel their active lifestyle. We’ll cover how to build a strong anti-inflammatory base, which foods are best for reducing inflammation and how to integrate them easily into daily routines as well as how to eat for a good, strong workout and then recover well afterwards. Option to include a segment on top supplements for energy, overall general health and exercise performance. Option to include 1 to 3 demos and taste testing (highly suggested), recipes included for participants.
This seminar or workshop will cover anti-inflammatory nutrition for fast recovery and avoiding injury, including the one most important nutritional strategy for recovering faster than ever before. I’ll cover which foods to eat often (and how to use easy integrate them into daily habits) and outline the top items to reach for daily to build a stronger, healthier body able to withstand the stress of training as well as how to eat for energy. Also covered – how to eat for optimal body composition and which foods to choose more and less often to experience optimal results. Key take-home anti-inflammatory recipes to use during training included. Option to include 1 to 3 demos and taste testing (highly suggested).
This seminar or workshop is designed to help the endurance athlete nail taper and race day nutrition. I’ll cover if and how carbohydrate loading applies, based on length of event and what to eat in the final days before you race, as well as race morning. The top 8 key nutritional ergogenic aids used to enhance speed and endurance will be explained and key taper recipes to use during race week and race morning will be included. Option to cover fat-loading (a pre-race prep option used when racing longer than 90 minutes to teach the body to burn more fatty acids for fuel thereby preventing bonking). Option to include 1 to 3 demos and taste testing (highly suggested).

Topics can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Speaking Testimonials

  • “There was so much excited talk and exchanging of ideas and tips between our employees after the Breakfast and Learn that Sarah facilitated for us. I especially enjoyed how she was able to make her advice practical for everyone, offering up small steps and little things people could incorporate into their everyday eating habits! As well, her demos were a hit and everyone raved about the food she made and shared. I would happily recommend Sarah to anyone or any organization looking for any type of nutritional health and wellness workshop for their employees.”

    – Steph Schiffmacher, HR Coordinator, Nature’s Path Foods (Richmond, BC)

  • “Sarah is a really engaging and enthusiastic speaker – she’s warm and balances engaging the group with keeping energy up and the content moving. There was a great turn out for both sessions Sarah held for us and I loved that she included demos and real how-to’s in her session to make the suggestions feel more achievable and realistic. Her recommendations were practical, complete easy ways to introduce more nutritious foods into daily life. I would definitely recommend Sarah – she’d be great to add to more corporate events as a fresh and engaging speaker!”

    – Jenna Moore, Internal Communications Specialist, BuildDirect (Vancouver BC)

  • “A big thank you to Sarah for the information she provided us in her presentation at my workplace, FortisBC. I am quite happy to say I left her workshop with the information I was looking for to improve my current eating habits and with a renewed commitment to nutritional health. So far this week I have had a green smoothie every day and I am enjoying it. I’m grateful to her for sharing this simplified approach to healthy eating.”

    -Tim Ackah-Sanzah, workshop participant, FortisBC (Burnaby, BC)

  • “Sarah’s workshop resulted in a lot of positive feedback from our members including how they happily discovered how easy it was to do meal prep, gained valuable awareness of overall nutrition requirements and landed on best post-workout recovery practices. Everyone especially enjoyed the taste taste testing! Plus the handouts, recipes and demos were great! And as a visual learner, I also found the liver/muscle glycogen demonstration to be quite helpful. I love Sarah’s take on nutrition – it seemed so basic and understandable when she broke it down, and I really appreciated her innovation as to how recommendations can easily be individualized to suit your body. Throughout the workshop I could literally feel her passion for helping us successfully utilize nutrition for performance and health, and I’ve recommended her services to many others – both athletes and non-athletes.

    – Ashley Osborn, Peninsula Multisport Club Executive Member (Surrey, BC)

  • “Sarah is an entertaining speaker that kept our group laughing. At the same time we learned about the importance of nutrition in athletic performance. My runners took it to heart and had a great race.”

    – Carey Nelson, Forerunners Run Coach (Vancouver, BC)

  • “Nutritionist speaker Sarah Cuff of Eat 2 Run is the one speaker you should not miss a chance of seeing. Incredible, captivating, and inspirational are just a few words my Leaders and I used to describe her delivery. I can hardly wait to have her back again next year to speak.”

    – Don R Gold, Sun Run In-Training South Arm Clinic Coordinator (Richmond BC)

Past Speaking Clients

Speaking at an event at Whole Foods Market

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For more information or to hire me for an event, please contact me by email at or by phone at 604-345-7559.