Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell (Librarian at UBC, Vancouver BC)

Posted by Sarah 

Although she’s always been active, Julie began running 7 years ago – about the same time she moved to Vancouver (you could say Edmonton just didn’t inspire her to run outdoors!).

A few years later she discovered the thrill of racing and then the effectiveness that speed work brings… And was hooked! A true love for running blossomed. This new love brought her stress-relief, a clear mind and a fit body, plus great new friends!

Personally, I can completely relate when Julie describes days where she started her run in the most terrible of moods… But by the end of it, she’d forgotten all her troubles. You could attribute this to the running itself, but also the amazing, positive runners in her run group (at Forerunners)!

Julie has raced everything from the 5k right up to the marathon. But the races she’s most proud of? A 21:35 in the Diva 5km trail run scored her a coveted personal best last year. And her PB of 1:44:19 in the half from her 2009 half-marathon is definitely one to be proud of. At that point she hadn’t yet been introduced to formal speed training and wasn’t even sure what the exact distance a half-marathon was!

But let’s talk about how Julie fuels her running! Here she is on how eating to run enables her to be a successful runner:

Q&A with Julie

sarah- Why do you eat to run instead of running and then indulging?

julie- Eating healthy is what allows me to keep up with my two workouts per day (running and strength training). When I eat poorly, I feel terrible and my runs are difficult. When I follow my customized diet plan from you, I feel ready to face my difficult workouts, even at the end of a long and stressful work day. At this point, I’m so accustomed to eating healthy, that ‘cheat’ foods (anything sugary, greasy or rich) make me feel sick! I’ve found great replacements like chocolate energy balls or chocolate truffles to satisfy my sweet cravings when they hit.

sarah- Fave pre-run eats?

julie- Apple with almond butter. Yum!

sarah- Fave post-run eats?

julie- Blueberry almond smoothie.

sarah- Fave race you’ve run?

julie- The Kona Half Marathon. Beach, sun, palm trees… Need I say more?! It was an immensely challenging course but hands down the most scenic one I’ve run. Plus, I was so pleased and amazed to have placed 2nd in my age group!

sarah- Huge congrats on placing 2nd!! Tell us what’s next?

julie- I’d love to break 1:40 in an upcoming half-marathon.

I have no doubt Julie will do just that, breaking 1:40 in the half is just a matter of time now. At the moment, I’m trying to persuade her the time to do so is this October in Victoria!