Work With Sarah

Run coaching with Sarah Cuff.

Alongside nutrition coaching, I also provide run coaching (via Training Peaks).

You'll hear from me multiple times a weeks and will receive consistent and plentiful feedback, to ensure you're always feeling supported and moving in the right direction.


  • Monthly 30 minute Zoom check-in;
  • Access to a premium level Training Peaks account;
  • Workouts will be uploaded on a weekly basis (however I'll often outline a 'skeleton schedule' so you get a rough idea of what's to come);
  • Workouts adjusted or modified on an as needed basis to account for how you are feeling and how your body is responding, as well as any life stuff that might come up for you;
  • Access to me for any questions or concerns that come up throughout training;
  • Race plans provided for all races.

Training for 5K, 10K, half marathon or simply health/fitness: CA $225 per month (~US $165)

Training for marathon, 50K, 50-Miler, 100-Miler or 200-Miler: CA $245 per month (~US $175)

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