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  1. This is my first smoothie in my new Vitamix machine… nice, refreshing flavour (used the ginger and frozen fruit). The machine sure started shaking and shifting around on the counter, have you experienced this? I also think I got an air bubble, shut off machine then tampered the ingredients. Not sure if it turned out as smooth as yours looks! Maybe next time I will add more water or some ice!
    Also, should I add anything else for a post run drink in terms of protein and or healthy fat? Or when should this be added? Thanks

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      Hi Gisele! What a fantastic first smoothie to make up in your new Vitamix (yay new Vitamin!!) – great choice, and I’m so happy to hear you liked it! Yes, if maybe I add a bit too much frozen fruit, or not enough water then it’s super thick and doesn’t mix nicely. So whenever it does the shaking thing or gets caught up like it needs to be tampered, I just add a slash or two more water, and that does the trick. It probably turned out more like a slushy for you! Taste would still be there, it’d just be colder and thicker. If you’re having it post run, I’d add 3 Tbsp of hemp hearts to give you some protein and healthy fat – makes it creamy and tastes great still too! You could add a 1/2 tsp of matcha powder too, to up the antioxidant power of the smoothie too. That’s about it though – keep it simple!

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