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  1. I love the ingredients in this recipe, however, I used only BC frozen blueberries because I had no peaches! Estimated an additional 2-1/2cups to replace two 14oz. cans of drained peaches!
    I can’5 wait to make it with peaches next time… love the crumble top!
    It was a hit with the family also, my daughter saying this is a definite favourite! A dollop of vanilla ice cream on top, oh my heaven! I love the thickener idea using chia! And the fact that one can control the amount of honey/maple sugar!
    Every recipe I make of yours is excellent and healthy! Thanks so much!

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      Aw thanks so much for this feedback Gisele – and I’m so happy to hear it worked so well with just blueberries, that sounds delicious too! I’m totally going to grab some coconut ice cream for the next time I make this – that is such a great idea!! 🙂

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