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  1. I made my first batch of this energy gel and used it on my 28km run this past weekend! It was refreshing and delicious! I’ll definitely use this gel again!
    One recipe made approx. 1/4cup more than my gel bottle could hold ( like the bottle in the picture), estimating I would need 2 bottles for my Marathon (hoping for a 4:30finish)! Would adding an energy drink like gnu provide additional help with this gel so I don’t have to carry 2 bottles? Or any suggestions? I do carb load 3 days beforehand on a gluten free diet!

    I felt that this gel really helped my energy levels throughout my 28km, something I have been struggling with once I get past 23km or more on my long runs! The regular store gels, along with energy beans, aren’t doing the trick so this is a great option!

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      Hi Gisele… So awesome, thanks so much for sharing your experience!! So happy it worked so well for you, have heard this now from quite a number of runners YAY!! I agree with you, you’ll likely need 2 bottles full – seeing as one recipe makes about 75g carb, and you’ll need at least 135g carb in the time you’re out there… So to carry at least 5 servings (not quite all of 2 batches) would be prudent.

      Are you saying that you don’t want to put the gel mix in more than one of your bottles (want to carry water in the rest)? Or do you only have one bottle? Energy drinks often have about 10g carb per 8 ounces (if you were to use one I recommend Skratch exercise hydration as it’s most natural and unlikely to upset your digestive system), so for energy requirements you’re better off carrying the gels and grabbing water from all the water stations you pass. Good luck in your marathon!!

  2. Thanks for your response Sarah! My bottle was actually smaller than the one in your picture (reason I could fit in the one recipe) so I bought a larger one to hold 2 recipes or at least 5 servings! Looks like tomorrow will be a perfect sunny day to enjoy this gel! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi. I love making chia energy drinks and I’m excited to try this one. I’m also curious about your gel flask. It looks like a reusable one with a large enough opening that the chia seeds won’t clog it up. What kind is it and where can I get one? 🙂

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      Hi Paulina, yes indeed it’s a great gel flask, and I haven’t had a problem with the chia clogging it up! I remember getting it from Forerunners in Vancouver – the brand name is Nathan. Hope that helps!

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