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      Hi Julia… For sure this is easy done 🙂 Just remove the 1/4 cup each of honey, maple syrup and chia seeds, increase oil used to 1/2 cup, and add 3/4 cup of coconut sugar. I’ve made it many times this way, and turns out perfect. However, as a side note, everyone metabolizes coconut palm sugar differently and for some the glycemic index for coconut sugar may not be all that different from regular sugar. So I’d just account for it the same way you would all carbohydrates, and coconut sugar contains 12g carb per tablespoon just like all sugars do. Cheers! -sarah

      1. thanks sarah! i just saw this now! going to start baking, and thanks for the tips about coconut palm sugar and carb counting, this is my first time using it!

  1. My loaf is baking in the oven as I right! It will help in my carb loading efforts for the BMO this weekend!
    Your reply to Julie is very interesting and I’d like to try making it! However, I’m curious to know if you could keep the chia seeds and cut back the coconut sugar by that 1/4cup ( since it seems to be replacing the sugar you’ve eliminated)?
    … Wondering why the chia seeds get cut, I guess, and thinking they would give a good texture to the loaf!

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      Good question Gisele! My original recipe used only sugar and no chia… I made it for ages. Then when I kicked sugar out of my kitchen I was struck with challenges on how to replace sugar with liquid sweeteners! Chia helped overcome that as it’s so great in sucking up liquid. So I suppose you could have chia in the sugar version… But you’d probably need to add some more liquid somewhere so the final product didn’t come out too dry… Hope yours turned out and hope you had a great race!!!

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