Lorenzo Caprilli

Lorenzo Caprilli (Wine Industry Executive, Vancouver BC)

Posted by Sarah 

Image 5Lorenzo began running 15 years ago but it really only got exciting 9 years ago – when he ran his first race, the Vancouver 10km Sun Run. This is where he discovered that racing is so much more exciting than simply running to stay fit. He caught the competitive bug and it’s stuck – he’s been racing ever since (and progressively getting faster ever since!).

Is there more to running for Lorenzo than speed? Absolutely! “Running provides an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty around us”, he says. And in Vancouver where Lorenzo runs, he feels incredibly lucky to run in such an amazingly beautiful city. Running benefits his mind and spirit, but he also loves the physical challenge of the sport.

Plus, some really great relationships/camaraderie have come from training and running with like-minded people. Many of his best friends have come out of the local running community. In fact, Lorenzo thinks that running with a group is really important if you want to become a better runner. He is enjoying running with Forerunners where he’s met some really great people and learned so much more than he ever knew about running, simply by training with this group.

Let’s turn to how Lorenzo fuels his running… Here are his thoughts on how eating to run enables him to be a successful runner:

Q&A with Lorenzo

sarah- Why do you eat to run instead of running and then indulging?

lorenzo- Since my twenties, I have been interested in good nutrition and eating well.  In addition to getting sufficient sleep, I have noticed that eating properly and ensuring your body is getting all of the key micronutrients has a direct effect on my running performance and my ability to manage stress in my day to day life.

sarah- Fave pre-run eats?

lorenzo– It depends on when my run is going to be. If I run first thing in the morning, I make sure I have eaten the right energy-rich easily digestible foods the night before so I have stored up enough energy in my muscles to tackle the run. An hour or so before my run, I  usually eat a nutrient-dense, plant-based energy bar or something equivalent (dates, banana, etc) just to top off my energy stores. If I am running a few hours after I get up in the morning, I would eat an easily digestible light breakfast. I tend to run best when I know I have no real digestion to do before the run as it slows me down.

sarah- Practice makes perfect – knowing what your stomach can handle is so important! Fave post-run eats?

lorenzo A recovery drink, shake or bar directly after the run. If I am hungry, I would probably enjoy a breakfast later on with egg whites, fruit and toast.

sarah- Nice, timing is everything. What would you say your favourite race you’ve run is?

lorenzo– I really enjoyed doing the Victoria Half Marathon 2012 and this year’s First Half in Vancouver. I liked both courses and the weather was just perfect for both of them. I was able to run consistently strong from beginning to end with no dips in performance which happens sometimes. I also scored two consecutive personal bests with those runs so that probably influences my choice :)! I also finally cracked the 45 minute barrier in the Sun Run this year (44:19) after repeated attempts and near misses. That was a really important thing for me to achieve in terms of a fast time.

sarah- Ha, yes – I would have to say my fave races are also PB courses!! Tell us what’s next for you?

lorenzo– I would like to shave my Half Marathon time down to 1:35 and I would like to run more Marathons as I haven’t done one since Vancouver 2009.

Lorenzo isn’t far off his goal time – earlier this year he crossed the finish line with a 1:38 at the First Half half-marathon. Fingers crossed!