Barbara Ann Kisiloski

Barbara Ann Kisiloski, Real Estate Professional (South Surrey, BC)

Posted by Sarah 

Image 2What more can we ask for than to run strong and healthy throughout our lives? Barbara is doing just that – she’s been running for 30 years. Sure there’s been some ups and downs, but today she’s running stronger than ever!

Life is good and running helps keep it that way. Amidst her busy full-time job, caring husband, two beautiful kids, great son-in-law, wonderful daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandkids, running plays an integral role in helping her stay healthy and fit.

But running isn’t just a means to an end – in other words, it’s not just about health and fitness. Barbara loves to run “for the joy of enjoying the simple things in life, like birds singing at 6:00 in the morning and the peacefulness of everything around (her)”. She also loves the people she runs with!

Barbara ran her first ever marathon a few years ago and not only finished in under 5 hours, she also raised $3500 for the Women’s Shelter. Awesome! But her absolute favourite race is the Maui Run for the Whales. Let’s be honest, does a more beautiful place exist? With the beautiful blue ocean, palm trees and sunshine… Throw a race into the mix and you’ve got paradise.

Now let’s find out how eating plays a role in Barbara’s ability to run strong.

Q&A with Barbara

sarah- Why do you eat to run instead of running and then indulging?

barbara- To fuel my body so I enjoy every moment of running and to stay injury-free. I really feel that one of my best decisions in life, along with taking up running, was to eat healthy. I know I’m in better health and fitter now than I’ve ever been in my life. Thank you Sarah for being a part of this!

sarah- So great to see you running so strong! Will you share with us your favourite pre-run snack?

barbara- A banana dipped in chia seeds.

sarah- Fave post-run eats?

barbara- Blueberry Smoothie.

sarah- What’s next for you on the racing horizon?

barbara- I would love to remain injury-free and run Eugene Marathon next April – and maybe even qualify for Boston!

sarah- Awesome! I know you’re well on your way and I can’t wait to congratulate you when you cross the finish line of the Eugene Marathon!

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