Profiled Runners

Bringing you snapshots of awesome runners: who they are, why they run… and especially how and why they to eat to run!

ImageEvan & Lee Ann O’Regan (Ottawa ON) When it comes to eating to run, it’s not hard! “We can whip up a healthy and tasty dinner at home in less time than it takes to get takeout”, says Evan. He does admit that when you first transition to eating properly you will likely encounter challenges – especially as you are changing your habits. During this period, getting help with the transition from a knowledgeable and trusted source is almost essential… Click here to read more!

Image 5Lorenzo Caprilli (Wine Industry Executive, Vancouver BC) Lorenzo began running 15 years ago but it really only got exciting 9 years ago – when he ran his first race, the Vancouver 10km Sun Run. This is where he discovered that racing is so much more exciting than simply running to stay fit. He caught the competitive bug and it’s stuck – he’s been racing ever since (and progressively getting faster ever since!). Is there more to running for Lorenzo than speed? Absolutely! “Running provides an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty around us”, he says… Click here to read more!

ImageSue Safadi (student at McMaster University completing Master’s in Physiotherapy, Hamilton ON) Sue has always been active in sports but she didn’t actually start running for the sake of running until about 6 or 7 years ago. Why? Well, why she runs depends on the day! Most of the time it’s to stay healthy and active but sometimes it’s for social reasons and other times it’s because she’s training for a race. She’s moved twice now to cities where she didn’t know anyone and running has allowed her to meet some of the greatest people and some of her best friends… Click here to read more!

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 2.08.51 PMJeremy Cuff (Purchasing Manager, Horizon Distributors, Vancouver BC) Jeremy started running 11 years ago. Wait, well, he did one run in high school and placed second… But his friends didn’t think running was cool so he quit. It would take a cute girl to get him back out running (yes, I’m referring to me 11 years ago)! Jeremy may have picked up running to impress his future wife, but today he runs because he likes to see what he can achieve. He’s a bit of a natural when it comes to running and is super competitive with himself. Okay, and with everyone in his age group… Click here to read more!

Image 2Stephanie Bowen (Communications Officer, provincial government, Victoria BC) Steph has been running for 6 years now. Well, racing that is. You could say she’s always been running – as a soccer player in high school she ran to stay in shape. Then she started entering races and realized how much fun they were! Steph’s “running career” has had its ups and downs: an injury here and there, times of running less and times of running more. But through it all running has been her form of meditation. Nothing calms her down, soothes her frazzled… Click here to read more!

Image 2Barbara Ann Kisiloski (Real Estate Professional, South Surrey BC) What more can we ask for than to run strong and healthy throughout our lives? Barbara is doing just that – she’s been running for 30 years. Sure there’s been some ups and downs, but today she’s running stronger than ever! Life is good and running helps keep it that way. Amidst her busy full-time job, caring husband, two beautiful kids, great son-in-law, wonderful daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandkids, running plays an integral role in helping her stay healthy and fit… Click here to read more!

MJ CATHCatherine Buerk & Mike Janes (Victoria BC) Couples who run together, stay together… Isn’t that a saying, from somewhere? Now get this… Not only do Mike and Catherine run together, they eat to run together too! I personally think that earns them double points. And 3 months ago they put an extra focus on eating to run. What did that earn them?...  Click here to read more!

Image 1Julie Mitchell (Librarian at UBC, Vancouver BC) Although she’s always been active, Julie began running 7 years ago – about the same time she moved to Vancouver (you could say Edmonton just didn’t inspire her to run outdoors!). A few years later she discovered the thrill of racing and then the effectiveness that speed work brings – and was hooked! A true love for running blossomed. This new love brought her stress-relief, a clear mind and a fit body… Click here to read more!