KickStart Cleanse

If you’re new to eating 2 run or are looking for a reset, this is a hard-core kick-start cleanse to clean up your diet. Get results fast by utilizing the top Eat 2 Run superfoods, including tons of anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense foods and kicking out processed and inflammatory foods.

If you want more energy, you want to recover quicker, and you want to feel lighter, this cleanse is for you.

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Inside Look
5-Day KickStart Cleanse


I will take you through your cleanse from beginning to end, from a 5-day pre-cleanse to meal prep and planning for the cleanse, daily menus and recipes, how to fuel your workouts before, during and after, right through to post-cleanse recommendations and more. Plus you’ll be invited to join a private forum I moderate to ask questions and surround yourself with support during the 5 days.

In addition to the full colour digital PDF with inter-document hyperlinks for easy navigation, you’ll also receive the shopping lists and recipes in a printer-friendly PDF form.


The 5 Day KickStart Cleanse contains TWO versions: The Classic KickStart and the Fat Burning KickStart. Use the inbuilt quiz to determine which is the best for you!

Both cleanses are packed full of nutrient-dense superfoods and get rid of all processed sugar & oils, nutrient-poor foods, coffee and alcohol – all of which can get in the way of balancing our systems. They also avoid gluten, dairy, corn and soy which are very common intolerances. No supplements are required – it is 100% whole, real foods only. The Classic version is vegan-friendly while the Fat Burning version is paleo-friendly.


Benefit from 29 delicious and healthy recipes with step by step instructions and beautiful photographs to follow along. These recipes form the selected menus for each day so you have a variety of meals during your 5 day cleanse. The recipes are also perfect for including as part of your regular diet at the end of your cleanse.

But that’s not all! With your purchase of the Eat 2 Run 5 Day KickStart Cleanse, I’m including a bonus recipe book with 25 additional recipes on top of the recipes included in the cleanse! This will help you plan your menus after the cleanse is over.


Take the stress out of your cleanse with a detailed grocery list for both the Classic and Fat Burning Cleanse. Also included are pre-cleanse recommendations for food preparation and meal planning, meaning you can adjust your menu depending on whether you are cooking for you or for two, and depending on personal tastes and your exercise routine.

5 Day Menu

No menu planning is necessary as I provide you with all meals, snacks and drinks required for the full 5 days. There is flexibility in the menus of each cleanse depending on your personal tastes, exercise level and dietary requirements, with modifications on a case by case basis. I also provide example templates of how to practice nutrient timing and work pre and post exercise fuel into your daily meals and snack planning. Each menu item is hyperlinked to its corresponding recipe for ease of navigation within the document.

10 Top Eat 2 Run Superfoods

As well as a full and detailed 5 day cleanse, this document outlines the top 10 Eat 2 Run Superfoods. Each superfood is found daily within the cleanse, whether you choose the Classic or Fat Burning version. I will explain the benefits of each superfood and also how you can continue to incorporate them into your diet once you have completed your cleanse.

Bonus Recipe Book!

As a bonus, and something for you to look forward to after you’ve completed the cleanse, I’ll also provide you with a recipe book containing 25 additional recipes! These will help to give you inspiration to continue eating lots of healthy, nutrient-dense foods after the completion of your cleanse. Each recipes contains an image of the meal, an ingredients list, and step-by-step instructions.

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5-Day KickStart Cleanse
  • Catherine1_cropped copy

    Katharine Christopoulos, Accountant, Toronto ON

    Fat Burning Cleanse

    “I felt so much better after the KickStart Cleanse! I eat fairly healthy to begin with, but the focus on whole foods really helped me get rid of feeling bloated as well as reset my mindset on better snacks to reach for throughout the day. I also realized the importance of eating enough healthy fats on a daily basis, which kept me feeling full for longer and I didn’t feel like I was counting down until my next meal. Plus I liked how simple the recipes were, how well the plan was laid out and how easy it was to follow – once the prep work was done, it was easy.”

  • testimonial2

    Julie Iverson, Personal Trainer, Vancouver BC

    Classic Cleanse

    “I’m so happy I did the KickStart Cleanse – it did a great job of ‘kickstarting’ me into adding more variety into my nutrition plan. I’m now sold on the KickStart pre-run drink before workouts, I really noticed the benefits! I was actually able to run 3 days in a row, which is something I haven’t been able to do in a while. Plus, I enjoyed the structure and it was great to have all the ingredients I needed for all the meals and snacks ready to go.”

  • robin

    Robin Garcha, Associate Director of Business Development and Marketing, Vancouver BC

    Fat Burning Cleanse

    “The KickStart Cleanse helped me quickly drop over 5 pounds and get rid of that sluggish feeling. Before the KickStart you couldn’t have convinced me to run up UBC hill but the following Saturday (post-cleanse) I powered up that hill with zero breaks. That was the moment I realized how much eating so well really does affect my mood and energy levels.”

  • connie

    Connie Robertson, Guest Services Manager, Victoria BC

    Fat Burning Cleanse

    “I feel so much cleaner and lighter after the KickStart Cleanse, which makes me excited! Even more interesting was seeing was how my eating habits shifted and how I really haven’t had any food cravings. I’m in the middle of training for a marathon and found it useful to discover different strategies to support and fuel my body. The quick and tasty recipes I now have at my disposal are fantastic and I feel as though I’m recovering faster post-workouts now.”

  • devon

    Devon McGuire, Licenced Insurance Agent + Team Lead, Vancouver BC

    Classic Cleanse

    “The KickStart Cleanse completely re-energized me – my energy was okay before, but immediately upon finishing it, I would say my energy levels were amazing. Runs felt good, my head was clearer and I wasn’t having trouble keeping my eyes open by 9pm. The menu options are awesome – everything was tasty and filling, and I felt great!”

  • sherri

    Sherri Adams, Retired Nurse, Roberts Creek, BC

    Classic Cleanse

    “The KickStart Cleanse really helped me to refocus on my nutrition. During the summer we have many visitors and more “holiday snacks” and sugary food in the house. When I am rushed or tired, I indulge. The cleanse gave me a good reason to avoid indulgence! Prior to the cleanse, I had issues with achy muscles, headache, and brain fog. During the cleanse, the headache and brain fog disappeared, plus I had zero cravings. I really enjoyed the meals and menus as well as the fact no supplements were required. I am looking forward to using my new pre and post run protocol as a regular routine! ”

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5-Day KickStart Cleanse
  • Connector.

    How do I know for sure if I the KickStart Cleanse is right for me?

    The cleanse was designed for those who are either looking to do a complete overhaul and jump straight into ‘eating 2 run’ or those who usually eat well but are going through a time where good habits have fallen away and need a ‘reset’ or a ‘kickstart’ to get back on track. The goal of the cleanse is to help you to boost your energy, recover from workouts faster and feel lighter and healthier.

  • Connector.

    Is the KickStart Cleanse vegan/vegetarian friendly?

    Yes. The classic version is vegan (while the fat-burner version contains fish, poultry and meat).

  • Connector.

    Should I do the KickStart Cleanse if I’m in recovery from a big race I just completed?

    Yes, this is an ideal time to do the cleanse (although you won’t require the pre, during and post workout options you can try them when you get back into training)! The cleanse focuses on ensuring you get tons of anti-inflammatory foods to help you recover faster than ever before.

  • Connector.

    I have food allergies and/or food sensitivities - is the KickStart Cleanse right for me?

    The cleanse is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free (except for a small amount of miso in one of the recipes which could be avoided) and contains options for nut-free versions of everything. The only nightshades included are minimal tomatoes and a few bell peppers which could be easily avoided. A few recipes note modifications for foods that are known to be troublesome for some (such as bananas or apples). If you are sensitive to FODMAPs, there may be too many modifications to the menu to make this cleanse worth it for you, although the fat-burner version could be modified to fit.

  • Connector.

    I have a health condition - is the KickStart Cleanse right for me?

    If you have a specific health condition, know that this program is full of only whole, real foods that are known to facilitate healing and recovery. I’ve had KickStart Cleansers with health conditions such as Celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS and colitis to all find varying degrees of success with this program.

  • Connector.

    I am pregnant or nursing - is the KickStart Cleanse right for me?

    I don’t suggest making any drastic dietary changes when pregnant or nursing, however including more nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory foods is always a good idea. This program is full of only whole, real foods and is not designed to be restrictive.

  • Connector.

    Should I do the KickStart Cleanse if I’m in full on training mode (ie training for a marathon)?

    Yes, many athletes have done the cleanse even while working out daily. Either version can work, but the classic version provides more carbohydrates and so for an athlete in a heavy training cycle may work better than the fat-burning version. However, there are pre, during and post workout foods included in the cleanse to ensure your workouts are well fueled on either version.

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    Is the KickStart Cleanse paleo friendly?

    Yes. The fat-burner version contains fish, poultry and meat and does not contain any grains or legumes (while the classic version is vegan).

  • Connector.

    Do you include the calorie and macronutrient information for your menus and recipes?

    No. By eating only whole, real foods that are nutrient-dense and highly anti-inflammatory our hunger and satiety cues work much better than when processed foods and empty calories are being consumed. My goal is to put the focus on eating more intuitively, according to hunger and with a mindset of fueling your active body for optimal performance. If you are worried about weight loss, know that every KickStart Cleanser I’ve heard from so far has either lost 1 to 8 lbs or not changed in weight but ended up feeling lighter and less bloated by the end. All that said, the food outlined in the cleanse to use during running or working out do contain ‘carbs per serving’ information as that is important to know as an athlete for fueling purposes.

  • Connector.

    Do I need any special kitchen appliances to make the KickStart Cleanse meals and snacks?

    The only absolute requirement is a blender. A good high-speed blender (such as a Vitamix or a Blendtec) is nice to have and makes the smoothies ‘smoother’, however all the recipes have been tested and work just fine in regular blenders also. A food processor is also very nice to have and there is one recipe (pre-run bars) that requires a food processor (there is a suggested sub if you don’t have a food processor and cannot make the bars). Two recipes in the classic version call for a food processor, however can also be done in a blender.

  • Connector.

    What do I do if I’m having trouble downloading my KickStart Cleanse or I have questions on it?

    If you have any problems or questions, please email me at sarah@eat2run.com. I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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