About Eat 2 Run: Mission & Strategies

Eat 2 Run’s mission is to empower and coach runners through nutritional strategies that enable them to reach their running potential and attain optimal health.

Through individualized nutritional strategies, Eat 2 Run helps runners to:

  • Reach performance goals (gain speed, strength and endurance)
  • Avoid injury and illness (or speed healing if currently injured or sick)
  • Enhance muscle recovery (ability to train more often with less fatigue)
  • Attain ideal athletic training weight (ideal body fat composition) and racing weight

The Eat 2 Run philosophy that guides key nutritional strategies is simple and refreshing: provide your body with whole, natural and delicious foods while supporting the systems of your body that are under stress from training and you will be rewarded with health, energy, and optimal performance.

Nutritional strategies include:

  • Ensuring correct amount and types of carbohydrates are consumed, balanced with the hours per week of training;
  • Balancing carbohydrates with the correct amounts and types of proteins and fats;
  • Nutrient timing;
  • Inclusion of appropriate ‘super foods’;
  • Adoption of an ‘anti-inflammatory’ diet;
  • Reducing or eliminating foods that are counterproductive to the athletes’ goals;
  • Correcting any imbalances that impede the athletes ability to train (ie. irritable bowel syndrome, low energy, chronic fatigue)’
  • Tailoring your diet to suit vegan, vegetarian requirements;
  • Tailoring your diet to suit any of gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free legume-free, or grain-free requirements;
  • Ensuring adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (primarily through whole food sources);
  • Determining the need, if any, for nutritional supplementation;
  • Establishing diet strategies that not only enhance your running performance but also promote your overall longevity, health and well-being.

While the primary method of supporting the athlete is through individualized nutritional planning, Eat 2 Run ensures all key areas necessary for reaching goals are considered.

Key Areas of Focus for Optimal Performance

  1. Smart Training
  2. Excellent Nutrition
  3. Good Sleep
  4. Strength Exercises

Nutrition coaching packages can be found here. All coaching is provided by Sarah J Cuff, holistic sports nutritionist. Contact Sarah at sarah@eat2run.com for more information.