Hi… I’m Sarah…

And I’m here to help you reach your running potential! As Eat 2 Run founder, holistic sports nutritionist, and running coach, I get really excited about helping others reach their running goals because I have personally experienced just how profoundly the right nutrition strategy can positively affect race day performance.

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2015 Revel Canyon City Marathon (3:30:31)

I’d like nothing more than to help you realize your running potential too! Let me explain…

Eating 2 Run is about providing your body with whole, natural and delicious foods while supporting the systems of your body that work to recover from the repetitive stress of running.

Maybe you are constantly sidelined by injury or illness. Or super frustrated that despite all the running you’re doing, you just can’t reach your racing weight. Or maybe, like I did, you want to break a certain time barrier, get a personal best or qualify for Boston.

If you want it… If you really want it… You can have it. That’s where I come in!


2012 Vancouver BMO  -> my 1st ever BQ Marathon (3:33:34)

I’m a registered holistic nutritionist. For the love of food and running I specialize in sports nutrition for runners. I love to race all distances, but the marathon is my favourite. I’ve 2012 BMO Vancouver (3:33:34)combined my natural nutrition and sports exercise studies (and experience as a personal trainer) with my passion for running… And in doing so I offer you a unique perspective on what it takes to build a healthy and resilient body capable of running strong and achieving your dream race performance.

My focus on “eating 2 run” grew from my belief that proper nutrition is a key component in running stronger, reducing injury risk by building a strong, healthy body, and obtaining better race times. After nine years of “running to eat”, I began “eating to run”. Four months later, I ran a 3:33:24 marathon (May 2012, Vancouver BMO Marathon), shaving nearly 25 minutes off my previous personal best and achieving my long standing goal of qualifying for Boston. Later that same year, I ran a 1:36:25 half-marathon, over 12 minutes faster than any half-marathon I’d run the previous 9 years. You could say I’m hooked… I’ll be eating to run for always!


Running with Sparkle

I share my love of running with my amazing husband and we have a few non-running furkids (Sparkle, Sunshine & Daisy). I’ve now run 18 marathons (with a current PB of 3:30:31) and countless half’s, 10’s, 8’s & 5k’s since I began running 14 years ago. While my long-term goal is to still be running strong at 100 years old, my current focus is training for a sub-3:21 marathon. You can read more about my personal running journey on my blog: For the Love of Running.

Really… I mostly run, eat and sleep. Repeat.


  • Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, registered holistic nutritionist designation, 2012
  • Can Fit Pro, certified personal trainer certification, 2008
  • University of Ottawa, bachelor of social sciences diploma, 2007

Formal Biography | Sarah J Cuff, RHN, PTS

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Sarah is a registered holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer and founder of Eat 2 Run Sports Nutrition. She is also the Instructor of Sports Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Specializing in sports nutrition for runners, she designs personalized dietary programs to help clients reach their goals, improve their running performance and achieve optimal health. She also regularly gives talks and seminars in the community and educates runners through her Eat 2 Run Stronger and Eat 2 Run Faster workshops, as well as her KickStart Cleanse digital program.

Sarah began working in fitness and nutrition at GoodLife Fitness in 2004 and currently coaches clients through Eat 2 Run Sports Nutrition. Educated at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and through canfitpro Canadian Fitness Professionals, Sarah also received a BA from the University of Ottawa.

As a passionate runner, Sarah has completed 18 marathons with a current PB of 3:30:31, as well as many more half-marathons and shorter races over 14 years of running. She lives and trains with her husband and furkids in Vancouver, BC.

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2015 Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon Expo