Eat 2 Run Sports Nutrition is here to help support YOU in becoming the very best runner you can be.

The only way to build a strong body that can achieve the performance goal you want AND simultaneously be in a state of optimal health is to learn how to nourish yourself in exactly the way you personally require, in this moment right now.

What that looks like in actuality for you is different than what it looks like for anyone else. And the only way you will be able to land on exactly what will support you to the greatest degree right now is two-fold:

  1. Know where to start – a solid base on which to grow from.
  2. Know how to fine-tune and adapt to your personal needs – learn how to listen to the innate wisdom of your body.

At Eat 2 Run we can do both – our goal is to empower athletes to reach their goals by provided them an individualized starting point (diet guidelines, meal/snack suggestions and menu examples). From there, we help you learn how to tune into your inner knowing to help refine your personal plan.

Food is a powerful tool we can use to help us run healthy, happy and at our best!

Alongside helping you choose the foods that support health and performance, we also help athletes learn to trust their bodies and let go of food rules and restrictions, landing in a place where they both enjoy life and are experiencing optimal health and performance.

We see so many athletes ashamed of their bodies and actively forcing and manipulating them to change. Sadly, we’ll never find long-term success in going to war with our bodies. Instead, learning how to make peace by listening to our inner wisdom and nourishing our bodies no matter what is key to health and performance. We are committed to helping athletes see food and body image through a different more powerful lens.

We are here to help athletes find lasting health and performance that will withstand the test of time.


Working with athletes of all levels and abilities, we embrace the complexity of the mind, body and spirit interconnection, encourage exploration of the mystery, beauty and wisdom of the human body in its innate ability to heal, and allow each individual to embrace personal responsibility and personal choice as we support you in pursuit of your goals

We aim to educate and empower each athlete as the sovereign being that they are, providing you access to a wide diversity of viewpoints, dietary strategies and options; and encouraging an unfettered ability to experiment with whichever diet or strategy you feel most aligned with.

We view the importance of the coach-client relationship as essential to a healing and productive environment, thus offering you a non-judgmental and compassionate space in which to learn and grow as you seek and we support you in your journey to finding optimal performance and health.