About Tanya

Hi! My name is Tanya and I am all about nourishing performance.

I believe in using a holistic approach to your sport performance, wellness and lifestyle goals. As a certified fitness professional and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I believe in functional movement workouts, nutrition that supports all your activities and efficient use of your valuable time.

My journey has taken me on many paths to get here. I started out as an overweight smoker who wanted to embrace a healthier lifestyle but didn’t know how to start. My aha moment came when I was cheering for a college friend at the finish line for her first half marathon. I was so amazed at the different types of people who were accomplishing this amazing challenge and at this point in my life I wouldn’t even run for the bus. But this was it, I was so emotional about their accomplishment and I wanted to feel that myself. So, I put out my cigarette and had my friend write me a learn to run program and on to a new path I went. Since that day in 2005, I have changed my lifestyle from overweight smoker to an Ironman triathlon finisher.