About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah! Trained as a holistic nutritionist, I’ve worked in the sports nutrition world for the past 11 years and currently specialize in helping athletes nourish themselves for optimal health and performance. 

I’m also a run coach… And an avid runner myself!

I work with athletes who are ready to leave the ‘dieting’ world behind and develop a healthy relationship with food that puts the focus on feeling good and enjoying life, coupled with striving for optimal health and peak performance.

Food is a powerful tool we can use to help us run healthy, happy and at our best!


I founded Eat 2 Run in 2012 after personally experiencing how profoundly the right nutrition strategy can positively affect training, health and performance.

After 9 unsuccessful marathon attempts to break 4 hours I discovered the power the right individualized nutritional strategy. Four months later I ran a 3:33 – not only did I take over 25 minutes off my marathon time, I also qualified for the Boston Marathon!

Since that day, I’ve dedicated myself to helping others learn how to fuel themselves for success.