About Kaydee

Hello! I am Kaydee! I’m a certified Nutrition Therapist Master, and a graduate from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Colorado.

I chose this career path after struggling for years with my own health challenges and not receiving any answers to my debilitating issues. Experiencing health problems while trying to improve my running performance was very difficult and quite uncomfortable. I decided to become my own health advocate and changed my tactics on how I wanted to heal my body.

After choosing to adopt a holistic approach, and receiving guidance from Sarah Cuff with Eat2Run, I consistently worked hard, healed my body and improved my running performance. As a result, I qualified for the Boston Marathon three times in a row. This was a goal I never thought was possible for me!

This journey left me feeling strong, empowered, and inspired to help others become advocates for their own health and to recognize that the power to better your health and running performance is possible.