Ambassador Snapshot: Brandon Figueroa

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ImageBorn and raised on the beautiful west coast, I’ve always been a very athletic and “sporty” person. At a very young age I feel deeply In love with running and it’s been my main focus ever since. I joined the track and field team for my school and local track club, training under former Olympian Lynn Kanuka. Track was my life and I experienced a great deal of success with amazing workouts and performances (such as running 4:21 for the mile and 4:08 for the 1500m). Plus, running brought me to so many new and exciting places.

After many amazing years of running track and accomplishing so much, I began falling in love more with the health aspect of it all. I always ate very well even as a young kid (thanks to my wonderful mom!) but it was more toward the end of my high school days that I really started doing research about health and nutrition. I learned how what I ate could help me perform to my fullest, both as an athlete but also as an everyday person. I remember once staying up all night with such interest in my idol Kelly Slaters diet and perspective of nutrition and life. He holds the same moto as I do, which is “longevity” meaning “a long individual life”. That word will always be cemented in my head. Image 1Living a long and active life is something I really want to experience. I want to be 80 years old and get out of my bed go for a jog or something crazy, and just never have that mind set that I can’t. Eating well and running are the two best things that I know I can do to reach this amazing goal and still have fun.

Eating well is allowing me to live such an active life from going for my daily run to being in the gym and doing my beach workouts. I truly believe that eating real, whole, quality food (aka Eating 2 Run) is what is going to help me achieve my goals and future aspirations in life. Broadly speaking, I want to live a healthy, fun life and long life. But in the short term I really to push myself in ways I would have never thought possible. I want to run my fastest 5km. I want to do something crazy like hike Mount Everest. Anything that is pushing myself in ways I never imagined. I think I’ll always enjoy that push, but in order to be able to do that, I need to eat well. Not for a week, not for a month – I need to eat well my entire life.

Being a part of the Eat 2 Run team will allow me to share with others some insight into my passion for eating well and training hard while enjoying life. I want everyone to know that they can live a long, happy life with that “longevity” mindset – living the beautiful awesome life we all know we can live. I’m so happy to be a part of the Eat 2 Run team and look forward to what’s to come. Image 2

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