Will Ditching Gluten Make You a Faster Runner?

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Me and gluten have run the gamut. Up, down and back again. I ditched it years ago after a visit to the a Naturopathic doctor. I felt better, got better. Eventually me and gluten reunited. All was good with the world.

And then the reason gluten and I ran amuck in the first place surfaced again. In déjà vu fashion, we parted ways. Not for long. Or at least it didn’t feel that long.

But wait. When would I learn to keep on top of the underlying original cause? And out it went again.

Because I might have been willing to ignore bloating and cramping, but I’ll do anything to be a faster runner.

What, you haven’t seen a movie with Gwyneth Paltranoe in it? Yes, I know I totally butchered her name. Gwyneth (Paltrow), my apologies. How embarrassing. Seriously. She has published a couple of great cookbooks (My Father’s Daughter and It’s All Good) and attributes going gluten-free to eliminating her migraines. Cool stuff.

ADDITION TO ORIGINAL POST: On a more serious note – which I didn’t mention in the video – if you are experiencing the symptoms I mention in the video and you’ve never been to a medical doctor to ask about them, make that your first stop. Reason being there are serious medical conditions such as celiac sprue, irritable bowel disease or inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s disease that can cause the aforementioned symptoms also. My experience is that the clients who come to me have already been to their medical doctor and because all the conventional tests have come back negative, they don’t where to turn next.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this whole gluten free thing is just a fad or do think there might be something to it? Do you already actively avoid gluten? Or do you have a hunch you should be? Are you going to give gluten-free a try? Let me know your gluten-free thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Happy running 🙂


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  1. Hi Sarah ! I have suffered with stomach and digestive issues for many years, always having all of the symptoms you describe in your video…bloating, indigestion, heartburn among others…I just stopped eating “gluten” a little over a week ago…unbelievably, the burning and acid reflux stopped…at first I actually couldn’t believe it as I have suffered for so long with it. It has been about 5 days now that I have not had to take an acid reducer or eat “tums” in the middle of the night! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! I definitely am a “believer” on the issue of gluten intolerance. If I have to give up breads and pasta to feel fine…that is a small sacrifice in my opinion!

    Wendy 🙂

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      Wow, amazing Wendy! Since I’ve personally experienced how drastically food can affect us and heard so many anecdotes I can’t be surprised… But every time I hear another story like yours it’s exciting and really great to hear. So glad you seem to have figured out what’s behind those bothersome symptoms it sounds like you were dealing with for quite a while! I’m with you – eating to feel good rocks 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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