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Hello world, hello runners, hello everyone who is looking to improve their running performance and hello to you who wants to transform yourself into the best that you can be! Let me tell you how eating to run can help you to achieve your PB’s (personal bests), your BQ (Boston Qualifier), and healthier, leaner, stronger running bodies.

For years I hovered at the same paces. After nine years and 10 marathons (most of which were just over the 4-hour mark) I was a 3:57:32 marathoner, and a 1:48:00 half-marathoner, give or take a few minutes.

That all changed on January 1st, 2012 when I began to eat and train in a different way. And 2012 turned into my year of PB’s. Get this… After 4 months of this new way of eating and training, I took nearly 25 minutes off my marathon time, running a 3:33:24 in May (achieving my BQ). I took 4 minutes off my half, running a 1:44:39 in February. Then I took another 4 minutes off, running a 1:40:30 in June. And finally, another 4 minutes off, running a 1:36:25 in October.

I gotta say, if I can do it, then I know you can do it. For the first 23 years of my life I was the least active person you’ve ever met. If someone said ‘gym class’ I’d look for a place to hide. When I finally took up running I completed my first 5km race in 35 minutes and thought I was going to die. My first marathon was 4:18:53 and I hit the wall so hard and then actually cried my way through the last 3km it was so tough.

Now I can honestly say it is actually easy to run (when I’m running easy pace of course – the pace workouts are still hard as ever, ha). Running be easy? Something I wasn’t sure was possible. But, yes, it’s truly possible. It can get easier for you. And you can get faster too.

Today I continue to run and improve, but I also want to help you run and improve. I’ve made it my first and foremost responsibility to formulate individualized programs for you, the runner who wants to take the next step in maximizing your performance. Regardless of whether you are a recreational runner, an elite, a competitive runner, or a learn-to-run runner… If you run, eating to run is for you. We may be born with different genes that pre-determine our ultimate speed, but an individualized and run-specific nutritional plan can help you achieve your best performances possible.

Happy running 🙂

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