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5 Ways to Avoid (or Combat) High Blood Pressure

September 1, 2016Hypertension – the medial term for high blood pressure – affects 70 million American adults (per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). That’s 1 in 3 adults in the United States currently suffering from high blood pressure. In Canada (per Hypertension Canada) 7.5 million Canadian adults (1 in 5) suffer from this ‘silent killer’. In Australia (per the Heart Foundation), 4.6 million Australian adults (1 ... Read More

3 Strategies for Healthier Joints

August 25, 2016It’s quite possible one of the most common complaints I hear from runners, other than sore muscles and fatigue, is connected to joint pain of some sort. Runners Knee, a term coined for patellofemoral pain syndrome displaying as a dull pain behind/around the kneecap, is the most common issue suffered by runners. But there are plenty of other areas where things go awry ... Read More

Omega-3’s: Why you need them & What to eat

August 4, 2016There are a handful of dietary strategies I implement on daily basis for building a stronger and healthier body which have become so engrained in my habits that sometimes I forget to talk about why they are so important. One of these is ensuring I consume enough omega-3 fatty acids – daily in food form and sometimes in supplement form as ... Read More

Faster Recovery & Repair (A Review of Genuine Health’s Pain Relief Line)

July 28, 2016Last week on Wednesday evening I went for a 40km night run in the mountains, a double loop with some pretty crazy climbing and elevation overall. I started running as the sun went down and finished as the it rose the next morning. Unfortunately, in the last hour of that run I experienced a very odd and more than annoying jarring pain in ... Read More

Overcoming Iron Deficiency

July 15, 2016Nearly 2 months ago I discovered I was clinically iron deficient. Although I’d been struggling with fatigue over the past number of months, many of the strategies I’d implemented to combat fatigue had appeared to help – so I thought I was in the clear. But alas, I was not. However, iron deficiency explained so much – and after quickly and ... Read More

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