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Peaches for a Summery Win (even in the Winter)

February 8, 2017When I moved to Vancouver 8½ years ago it was primarily to escape the snowy (and very cold) East Coast winters and be able to run outside without hindrance all year round. My plan worked great until this year. I swear it won’t stop snowing (I’m looking out the window at the white stuff everywhere right now!). So instead of ... Read More

How achieving Acid-Alkaline Balance can make you a Stronger Runner

February 2, 2017There are many ways to approach building a healthy well balanced nutrition plan. Over the years I’ve referenced choosing nutrient-dense, whole, real foods and spent much time pointing out anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich foods we would do well to consume on a regular basis in order to help a build strong and healthy body. However, today I’d like to look ... Read More

5 Reasons You NEED Tart Cherries

December 15, 2016Tart cherry juice is something I drink pretty much every single day – and definitely everyday when in hardcore training mode. Why? For one, because I know it helps me to recover so much faster. I have no doubt its anti-inflammatory effects have allowed me to get back out there running and feeling great the very next day after a ... Read More

Practicing Nutrient Timing (part 3): After

November 10, 2016Figuring out what to eat before, during and after workouts (and thus ensuring the proper practice of nutrient timing) can make the world of difference in our energy and recovery. What you eat (or don’t eat!) post-run plays a large role in determining how you’ll feel afterwards and how much energy you’ll have for your next workout – particularly if you’ll be working out again later that same ... Read More

Practicing Nutrient Timing (Part 2): During

October 12, 2016In order to build a strong, healthy body it pretty much goes without saying that you must establish overall healthy nutritional habits that include plenty of antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory foods (read: lots of leafy greens, veggies, fruits, herbs/spices and other nutrient dense real foods!). To really dial into performance nutrition however, a focus on what to eat immediately before, during and after each run becomes ... Read More

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