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Cramp Prevention and Treatment for Runners

June 15, 2017When I ran the Hamster 24-hour run last year I remember coming through home base, having just completed something like my 7th or 8th 5km loop, and seeing a fellow runner keeled over from terrible leg cramping. She was in obvious agony – her calves and quads had seized so badly she could barely get up from the chair someone ... Read More

6 Reasons Why Chocolate Rocks

June 9, 2017It’s no secret – I love chocolate! It’s one of the Eat2Run top five “superfoods” and in fact, I’ve written about chocolate before – in this 2014 blogpost I outline the difference between cacao and cocoa, and why we want to reach for dark chocolate. Here today, I want to dive deep into exactly WHY chocolate (dark unprocessed chocolate and ... Read More

3 Key Stress Busting Supplements

June 1, 2017Yes today I’m talking supplements! I know, I know – I usually talk whole food only. For good reason – supplements are not nearly as effective when we’re not also eating well. So please know I’m trusting you have the intention of (or already are) nourishing yourself with nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory food – and simply wish to support your body under the stress ... Read More

Peaches for a Summery Win (even in the Winter)

February 8, 2017When I moved to Vancouver 8½ years ago it was primarily to escape the snowy (and very cold) East Coast winters and be able to run outside without hindrance all year round. My plan worked great until this year. I swear it won’t stop snowing (I’m looking out the window at the white stuff everywhere right now!). So instead of ... Read More

How achieving Acid-Alkaline Balance can make you a Stronger Runner

February 2, 2017There are many ways to approach building a healthy well balanced nutrition plan. Over the years I’ve referenced choosing nutrient-dense, whole, real foods and spent much time pointing out anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich foods we would do well to consume on a regular basis in order to help a build strong and healthy body. However, today I’d like to look ... Read More

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